Python Blogging Ideas

What do I write about in my Python blog? is the question you probably asked yourself. While there are almost infinite possibilities, here are a few rich avenues you could explore:

  • Describe a Python project you are working on. What makes it interesting? What did you learn while working on it? Why was Python used to implement it? Where other languages considered? What were pros and cons?
  • Write about an interesting experience your had with Python at work or school.
  • Explain a tricky part of Python language or standard library.
  • Present a Python module. Explain how to use, when it is useful, provide examples. If there are multiple similar modules you could present a comparison. List of packages is available here:
  • Python evangelism. Present an objective comparison of Python with anther language. Or present a niece comparison for the specific use case: e.g. PHP vs Python in web services, or C++ vs. Python as a first language or Java vs. Python for machine learning.
  • Python interview questions and answers. Python puzzles.
  • Compare different Python implementation: e.g. CPython vs JPython.
  • Write about job prospects for Python developers, what employers are looking for, what skills are in demand now, which companies are hiring. Any interesting trends?

Good luck with your Python blogging!
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  • This is a great advice for any novice blogger! I am bookmarking this post.

    • Craig E.

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